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BIG DATA TrainingLooking for a challenging role in Big Data? We’ve explore the innovative concepts of big data and growing importance in present business market and launched very advanced course with including the professional study materials and solutions for tackling the issues in day to day operations. Last decade has shown great innovations in all technologies which are known as big data platforms and depending on related technologies like SQL databases and distributed file systems. The other components of Big Data are online advertising and other will impact the organizations on many areas like sales to marketing and other major areas. We’ve selected such kind of related platforms and explained them in a practical approach with statistical techniques. Professionals with basic knowledge of SQL and data base structure with programming skills and statistical evaluation are welcome to apply this course.

Our Hadoop Training Course Involves Below Modules:

  • Overview of Big data
  • Introduction to big data technology and trends
  • How to classify and cluster the information gained
  • How to analyze the data and indexing and memory
  • Neural models and learning
  • How to forecast and data analysis with regression and features

Job oriented Big Data Online Training consists lectures and videos as per your schedules timings per week which runs maximum 1 to 1.5 hrs a week. This online course is targeted to the audience of technical professionals to answer the day to day challenges in business applications by enclosing wide range of topics like data collection, data storage and data processing to analytic and visualization. We have invited world known faculty with expertise on Big Data functionality skill with enough knowledge on data analysis. This course is mainly suitable for science and engineering graduates and we are introducing as an open platform for learning. There is a growing demand for professionals who have extended skills in data handling and, many companies also providing training opportunities to brush up their skills. We have framed some quizzes and assignments per each video session. This online Big Data course also included programming related exercises and data analysis exercises on all topics. You are provided with access to online study materials and certification after the course completion.

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