Basic Computer Online Training

Basic Computer Training will teach you how to use the computer and parts of computer. This is basic introduction training course to learn usage of computer. If you join in this course you will become master in using computer without any hassles. We’ll give special focus to the learners as per the age groups and their background. Computer learning is very easy and it requires little bit concentration and enthusiasm to learn. Once you join in our basic computer online training curse you will become gem in usage of computers and you are able to teach others with more ease and confidence. We’ve framed this basic computer learning course curriculum in a simple manner. Just follow below steps to learn without breaks.

Our instructor will teach you how to use computer parts like Mouse, Keyboard and CPU. Before this learn about types of computers. They are laptops and desktops. There are three important external parts of computer to operate.

  • Mouse: • It is most important part of computer and it give you grip to connect with computer. When you start using of mouse with your right hand, you will find an arrow on your desktop to move around. Move the cursor and click on the point where you
    want start or do something. It requires to click once to start and sometimes twice to open a file or something on computer. Just move the mouse and select the portion which you want to select.
  • Keyboard:  It is also one of the important parts of computer and it useful to type the letters on monitor. There will be different types of keys available on keyboard and our trainer will show you how to use all these keys in an effective manner. There are also Numbers and Alphabets are there to use as per your need. If you press on Caps lock key you will get caps letters if you don’t want then turnoff it by pressing it again it again. There will be various symbols available on top of the keyboard. Press it by holding the shift key and press the required number. Backspace button will be useful to delete the types text and enter key to move your cursor and use arrow keys to go upward and downward. If you want to give spaces then use space bar and use tab key to give more space among the words.
  • CPU: It is known as central processing unit. Your computer will be operating with the internal parts built in CPU only. There will be power button which will used to start/off the computer.