Microsoft Excel Online Training

Our Microsoft excel tutorials offer you to learn all the basics of MS excel through videos and online guidance with our expertise instructors. We have designed very unique and easy to learn materials in a short and understanding way to the users. Our teaching curriculum will get updated along with the updated version of Microsoft to sink with the flow. Our MS excel classes are exclusively designed for college and school students and working professionals who want to gain knowledge on MS excel. Mostly suitable for job applicants who want to test their skills on working spread sheet. It is also helpful to the people who have knowledge on MS excel and want to solve the queries in using the same. We also commence crash courses to learn quickly and easily. A glance on Excel learning that how to use MS excel:

  • Parts of excel: This section will introduce you about various parts of MS excel and clearly explain about the terms and keys included in each part in details.
  • Excel math: Our training will explain you how to add, substract, multiply or divide numbers on MS excel sheet with step by step procedure.
  • Data entry in excel: We cover the way how to enter the data in excel spreadsheet. While entering data also you need learn other things like how to enter data, widen the columns and editing cells.
  • Basics of excel usage: This is most useful course to learn the basic concepts of latest versions of excel usage. Our trainers will teach you how to enter data, how to create simple formulas, and formatting of worksheet.
  • Working with data and formula: This is bit critical and complex method to learn in excel. But it is most useful to calculate and frequently using features in excel. You will get in-depth knowledge on how to use these formulas with clear examples.
  • Formatting excel sheet: It is also important part of excel training. Our online training will cover various formatting features like adding rows, columns, currency symbols and editing data alignments and widening columns.
  • Creating excel charts: When you want to present your data in from visual chart our lessons will teach you how to create excel charts and present your data.
  •  Add/delete rows and columns: You will learn how to add or delete rows and columns in a simple way.
  • Print Excel sheet: This is also an important concept to learn in excel. You will learn how to take printouts of selected portion in excel.

Our computer online training MS excel is hands on and easy to learn with simple subject materials. Moreover you will get clarify your queries through unlimited video learning by our experienced faculty.