Microsoft PowerPoint Online Training

MS power point is an important tool in MS office and it is useful to prepare presentations through slides and play them to the target audience. You can present your ideas in the form of text and charts and images through the power point presentations. This course is mostly useful for business people, working people and students. We’ll teach you that how to do slide designing, adding background colors, sounds and layouts. Add more impact to your presentation by adding themes, colors, textures and pictures at suitable places. Our instructors will teach you how to add headers and footers to your presentation to add value to your slides. Some power point presentations require adding animated pictures, clip art, text, and other objects. You will also find some motion pictures as per your requirement. Our curriculum includes below concepts of power point presentation:

  • Introduction to PowerPoint: It is useful to give presentation in form of slides.
  • How to create and open PowerPoint presentations: Open the power point program and you will find dialog box there and click on blank presentation or click on layout to select the suitable slide.
  • How to save your shared presentations: Go to file menu and click on save and it will save.
  • About slides: If you want add more slides then click on new slide button and auto layout box will appear then select the next layout.
  • About using text: Click on the title text box paper on slide and add the content to that box. Add title to title box and sub title to sub title box.
  • How to apply themes: Go to the design tab and click on more. Now apply built in theme by clicking built in. To apply custom themes click on browser for themes.
  • How to apply transitions: Select the slide to which you want o add transition and click on left there you will find custom animation and click on animate box. Select the require animation from the list or choose a custom animation. Apply these to your presentation and play it to see the review.
  • How to view slides: Manage your slides by four different views like normal view, slide sorter, reading view and pay slide view.
  • How to customize your presentation: Customize your slides with a solid, gradient, picture, text or pattern fill. Click on format background to customize the options.
  • How to take print copies: Go to the print copies then select the required slides and click on print.