Microsoft Word Online Training

MS word is part of MS office software which is very useful for drafting the text and make changes in the same document. If you learn MS word you can create your own documents as per your requirement. We’ll teach you how to open MS word and how to use various key sin MS word and how to do changes. We have very easy to understanding videos to learn MS word. Once you start learning you will independently use MS word effectively.

This is most commonly used tool to write anything on computer. Switch on your computer and right click on your mouse, then you will find options like new. Select MS word, now a new document will open. Save it on your desktop by giving a name on which you want to save. Now
see the top of your document there in first line you will find list of keys like File, edit, view and others. The next two lines will have some other keys which will give you quick access to the computer. The last line will show you the page margins. At the top of document you will find save button, just click on to save the document. We have every expertise instructors to teach you about basics of MS word. They will practically explain you to use all these keys by giving examples in our computer online training course. Once you join in our training program, you can practice on your computer with the help of our video lessons. Some important keys in MS word are as follows:

  • Page setup: It allows you setup your page in portrait or landscape.
  • Print preview: It allows you to see the preview of the page before printing.
  • Print: If you click on it you will get the printed copies of selected portion.
  • Cut: You can cut the unrequited portion by selecting scissor symbol and clicking on the button.
  • Copy: Select the required portion and copy it.
  • Paste: Click on paste to paste the copied portion.
  • Format painter: Select the required portion and click on format painter to make the unique text as selected portion.
  • Bold: It is useful to bold the typed letters and if you want to unbold it click it again.
  • You can underline or make Italic of the selected text by clicking on I and U symbols.