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 .Net TrainingLooking for the best dot net training? We offer end to end  .net online training with detailed coverage of course modules. We have designed a collaborated course for equal range of learning experience to fresher’s and experienced people. Many fortune companies are looking for highly skill based dotnet professionals but they many candidates are not able to match with their requirement. This course gives you a real time arena in the field of dot net development. Students are enabling to build their own skills in dot net frameworks by using their own though procedures with leaned skills and techniques through our professional .net training. As we know development of software products is a team work and needs to collaborate and coordinate with team members with good communication skills and interpersonal skills. We also provide excellent personality development skills to interact with each other in an effective way to get good outcome at end. Our comprehensive course materials we deliver through CDs and softcopies are great sign of technical standards. If you attend our demo class you are going to know well this difference in an easy way.

  • What is .net framework?
  • Object oriented programming features
  • Overview of C.Net,ASP.NET and VB.NET
  • Project works

Dot net online training is the best source for learning by selecting the talented tutors among the list provided and reaches your goals. Our learners have been occupied great placements in top companies with expertise training of our experienced professional tutors. They have vast experience in dot net applications and delivered successful projects with good outcome.

The major goal of our .NET course is:

  • To get understand the frameworks of web applications with .net
  • To gain good technical skills on web and windows application development
  • To optimize your dot net application with configuration and security
  • To generate web applications with innovative design patterns

Our exclusive .Net Training Course features:

  • Experienced trainers with knowledge of teaching and dot net development
  • Post training support for solving technical issues
  • News letters to update the latest version of software
  • Subject materials provided by top industry professionals
  • Discussion forums and blogs to post your thoughts and views
  • Replay the classes through video channels
  • Assignments and dot net projects to get real time exposure

Course SyllabusInterview QuestionsTraining VideosInstructor
ASP.NET Modules:
Introduction to Web
Understanding architecture
Creating ASP.NET Pages –
Web Forms
Working with web controls –
Button, Textbox etc.
Postback and ViewState
ASP.Net Syllabus
Enabling ViewState for individual controls
Different type of List controls
Setting Meta tags
Validation controls
FileUpload, AdRotator, MultiView, Calendar etc.
State Management – Cookies, Sessions and Applications
Handling session and application events using global. asax
Error handling in ASP.NET , Tracing and debugging
Declaratively Configuring Authentication and Authorization
Working Programmatically with Authentication and Authorization
Ensuring Quality by Debugging, Unit Testing, and Refactoring
C#.NET ( C Sharp Course)
Net Frame Work
Features of Net
Common Type System (CTS)
Common Language Specifications(CLS)
Common Language Runtime(CLR)
Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
Garbage Collection
2. C#.Net BASICS
Creating the Console applications
Explaining about Visual Studio IDE
Data Types
Type Conversions
Methods in C#
Conditional Branching
Repeating Code Blocks
Unconditional Branching
Building Assemblies
Viewing Assemblies
Customizing the same assemblies to the different clients
Global Assembly caching
.Dll Vs .exe
3. Object Oriented Programming
Classes and Structs
Data members and member functions
Constructor and Destructor
Method Overloading and Overriding
Abstract Classes and Methods
Defining and implementing Interfaces
Derived Interfaces
Modifiers (public,private,protected,internal,protected internal)
Inheritance and its types
Sealed class
Virtual Methods
4.Exception Handling
System Defined Exceptions
Custom Exceptions
Try , Catch , Finally
5. Delegates and Events, Generics
Introducing delegates
Working with Events
Introducing Generics
Generics and Arrays
6. Database Programming (ADO.NET)A Review of Classic ASP
Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net
Data Providers in .Net
Data Reader and Data List
Data Grid View with DML operations
7. GUI Application Development
Windows forms and Controls
Creating Menus
Creating the user controls
Programming with Adv. Controls
Integrating the third party controls into the visual studio dot net
MVC Architecture
Layering the N-tier architecture
9. Windows Services and Threading
Creating Windows Services
Installing them in services.mvc
Creating Threads and Synchronization blocks
10. NET Remoting
Remoting Architecture
Developing Remoting server
Developing Remoting client
Channels, formatters, channel services
Remoting Vs Web services
11. Creating the Installers (MSI generation)
Creating Setup and deployment project
Discussion of Editors in the setup and deployment project
Setting the shortcut icon on the desktop and from the programs menu
8+ years of experience in IT Industry.