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Database Testing

What is Database Testing?

Databases are usually referred to as the backend systems for various applications, but calling them a backbone might be much more accurate. Database systems store the data, triggers and procedures that help power the applications. Databases, in addition to being able to store and retrieve data, should be secure, fast and robust. Therefore, recent market trends have seen a tremendous need to have thorough and effective database testing practices in place.

Database testing mainly addresses some of the following areas:

1. Seamless application Frond end and Back end interaction through Data mapping and Data Integrity rules – all the forms or user interface input and output that see are calls from and to Databases.Unless, there is a perfect harmony to this process, the application falls short. It involves testing the CRUD actions on the DB (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) among other things. These actions help validate the DB and at the same time check for data integrity, in the sense that the time and place of these actions being performed should not affect the data that is received as a result.

2. Whether or not Data and the rules around it are in line with the Business requirements.

3. Validating the database’s ACID properties – Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability

4. Performance and Security

Our DataBase Testing Course features:

1. A good understanding of DB basics is very important to be a successful DB tester. The curriculum begins there and works into more advanced topics.

2. SQL (Structured Query Language) is used in order to view and manipulate the Databases. A detailed approach is followed to make our students masters of SQL.

3. Real time examples, practice assignments, knowledge sharing on challenges & how to overcome them, best practices, tips & tricks are all incorporated into the course syllabus.

4. Online materials and certificate of completion

Sample Mock Interviews 

We aim to make sure that our course participants would be experts in Database Testing and job ready by the end of the session.

Database Testing careers are on an all time rise in the recent time and this is a wonderful opportunity to leverage the rise in the market and gain some substantial database skills. This course is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations!

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Mr. Ankith: Certified Professional.Mr. Vivek: MS Computers.

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Very patient teachers who take the time to make sure we understand the concepts. Mona is wonderful and I highly recommend them! They made their batches very interesting and answered all the questions thoroughly. They never rushed through any topic. Keep it up!
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