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ETL TestingETL Testing has been developing very rapidly with different types of services and solutions. IT companies are looking to transform their huge data and taking wise steps to maintain the real time data. ETL Testing online training will give you an enhanced brand in corporate world with enhanced technical exposure and exhibited practical approach to solve the queries occurred in real world projects with an eye to detailed approach to the issues. We have targeted our training programs should solve different business requirements in an easy way. Our course content covers different topics of ETL testing like below aspects:

  • What is ETL testing?
  • What is the major difference between OLTP and Data warehouse testing?
  • How to acquire the data?
  • What is data mart?
  • What are the tools in ETL testing?
  • Data ware house life cycle
  • Various techniques used in ETL testing

We have very proficient course instructors to teach result oriented ETL testing online training on different skills .They are well versed with understanding out student requirements and key approaches.They are very much keen to understand the student’s issues and delivers output in very speed manner. We have an exact mix of course structure, instructors and technology which lead to fulfill our vision. Our job oriented qa software testing training not only delivers best testing training and also give inputs to improve communication skills. Each ETL testing topic is explained with real time case studies taken from corporate scenario and widely spread to course curriculum to overcome the challenges include in data ware house testing. We provide special training for beginners and experienced professionals with exceptional difference in teaching and explaining the basic methods to advanced topics.

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Exceptional features of ETL Testing Training course:

  • Certified working professionals as tutors
  • ETL testing assignments for each topics explained at online session
  • Hands on sessions with cloud computing labs to practice
  • Discussion forums to get support from your parers and instructors
  • Highly communicated supporting team
  • State of art library with e-books and articles
  • Online interaction with international testing consultants
  • Share notes through voice and screen sharing
  • Webinars and workshops to get hi end approach on testing concepts
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Module -1

  • Introduction to Data Ware House(DWH)
  • DWH Architecture
  • OLTP System vs OLAP System
  • Fact table
  • Dimension table?
  • Fact vs. Dimension
  • Star schema
  • Snow flake schema

Module -2

  • Process flow  in ETL Testing
  • Total SDLC of ETL testing
  • Testing tools used for ETL testing
  • How we will be planning ETL testing, explain how to generate testing reports.

Module -3

  • Types of  DWH Tools
  • Types of Data Bases used in ETL testing
  • About data mapping document
  • Writing test cases for mapping documents
  • Extensive handson test case preparation and test cases execution scenario 1.

Module -4

  • Extensive handson test case preparation and test cases execution scenario 2.
  • Basic and Advanced SQLs
  • Aggregate function in SQLs.
  • Various Joins like Inner Join,Left Outer Join,Right Outer Join,Full Outer Join.
  • Sub-queries.
  • Correlated Queries.

Module -5

  • Overview of Informatica Architecture.
  • Explaining about Informatica PowerCenter Mapping Designer,Workflow Manager,Repository Manager, and Workflow Monitor,.
  • Details on mapping,session and worflow.
  • Details on Source Analyzer,Target Designer,Mapping Designer and Mapplet Designer.
  • Will show some informatica mapping already developed and explain how to trouble shoot them.
  • Basic level UNIX Commands used.

Mr. Santhosh: Masters in computers and ISTQB Certified.